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CFG Small Charities Programme Travel Bursary Application


The  travel bursary supports and increases the capacity of small charities in the rural areas of England and Wales by inviting them to access CFG’s Travel Bursary so that they can attend training and will not be hindered due to location or cost (the travel bursaries are limited).

Charities are not set up with financial management in mind – they are set up in response to a social need, by founders who have a passion to create change and deliver on a mission. Yet, from day one, financial management becomes a factor impacting upon a charity’s success. Strong financial management is not only part of legal governance requirements, but is also vital to attracting funds, and above all, maximising a charity’s impact. At a time when income is stretched and demand for services is rising in many charities, good financial management is particularly important. It is a vital ingredient for charities needing to adapt and evolve in a changing environment.

Please complete and fill out the form below after reading the Terms and Conditions:

  1. Travel bursaries are available to enable organisations to access CFG’s Small Charities Programme Training in England and Wales only. Please fill out the form below.
  2. Organisations with an income of less than £50,000 pa are eligible to apply.
  3. Organisations should employ no more than 2 full time or FTE members of staff.
  4. The travel bursary application form needs to be filled out and submitted and all sections must be completed in full for your application to be considered.
  5. You can only claim for standard class travel (if train ticket) and the cheapest route available.
  6. You are travelling from a minimum of 70 miles away from the location of the training.
  7. Mileage will be repaid at 45p per mile.
  8. Requests for retrospective payments will not be considered.
  9. Maximum bursary available is £100 per organisation per training event.
  10. Applications need to be made 1 month before the training is attended.
  11. The decision will be communicated by email to the nominated person within a week of application.
  12. The decision is final and CFG regrets that it cannot enter into any discussion regarding an unsuccessful application.
  13. You must provide scanned or original receipts of travel and have signed and dated on the training registration list for that training event. Payment can only be made to the claimant after travel.
  14. The travel bursary can only be used to cover the cost of travel to and from CFG’s Small Charities Programme finance training.  The travel bursary cannot be used or claimed for in any other way.
  15. These travel bursaries are limited so there are only a certain amount each month that can be awarded.

Once you have submitted the form below we will be back in touch with you as soon as is possible.

travel bursary form

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