We offer a range of practical, easy to use resources that are appropriate for small charities. All of them aim to support smaller groups and organisations to manage their finances. If the support you are looking for isn’t available here, please Request Help via the Request Help Page and someone will come back to you as soon as they are able to.

Budgets, Management Accounts and Cash Flow Forecasting

This is a comprehensive set of templates that will help small charities to track their spending and income, plan for specific projects over the year and prepare management accounts. A good starting place for any small charity.

A useful cash flow template for a small charity so that you can see what cash your charity needs on hand throughout the year, and plot the timing of incoming grants, fundraising and contracts. Also, enables you to break down in detail your charity’s spending.

A useful cash flow template that enables you to plan your projects income and expenditure

This is a very simple budget template, useful for very small charities to plan income and spending for the year ahead.

How to Preparing your Annual Reports

  • CFG Useful Tips When Reporting
    Having accurate information is important, but presentation is key. If trustees and staff aren’t using reports or understand them, then they aren’t effective. This guide helps you to understand what good trustee reports and management accounts look like so that you can improve your charity’s financial management.
  • CFG Principles of Good Impact Reporting
    All charities are required to think about their impact now, particularly by funders. This very simple guide, helps you to think about how you can measure your charity’s impact and report on it fairly
  • CFG Beyond Reserves
    Trustees have a duty to make sure that they are managing risk effectively, having reserves so that you can meet any risks and opportunities is important. This report helps you to think about what reserves you need, how to get the most of them and how to report on them.
  • CFG: Financial Disclosure Reporting Checklist (SORP)
    All charities with an income over £250,000 a year and all charities which are registered companies need to report using the Statement of Recommended Practice (SORP). Charities can use this checklist to make sure that their annual report and accounts meet the required legal standards
  • CFG: What report do I need to do Check List
    This check list provides quick reference for you to know what reporting you need to do. 
  • Example of an animated annual report

Legal & Financial Responsibilities of Employing Staff


Bank Accounts, Record Keeping, Risk & Outsourcing


Gift Aid & how to claim it