How to Prepare Your Annual Reports

This training is to give a sound basic foundation to equip those who work with the finances of small charities or small groups to be able to have an understanding about good reporting practices.

Attendees will leave with an understanding of:

  • What the statutory requirements are for reporting of financial information, including reporting under the new SORP.
  • Using reports to build a narrative which demonstrates impact.
  • The different types of financial inspections and what you will need to do to prepare for them.
  • How to frame your reports when presenting to donors or funders.

Who should attend?

Those who work with the finances and money handling in a small charity or a small group.  This can be a volunteer, treasurer, finance person, or other manager/CEO.

Free resources on this topic:

  • CFG Useful Tips When Reporting
    Having accurate information is important, but presentation is key. If trustees and staff aren’t using reports or understand them, then they aren’t effective. This guide helps you to understand what good trustee reports and management accounts look like so that you can improve your charity’s financial management
  • CFG Principles of Good Impact Reporting
    All charities are required to think about their impact now, particularly by funders. This very simple guide, helps you to think about how you can measure your charity’s impact and report on it fairly
  • CFG Beyond Reserves
    Trustees have a duty to make sure that they are managing risk effectively, having reserves so that you can meet any risks and opportunities is important. This report helps you to think about what reserves you need, how to get the most of them and how to report on them
  • CFG: Financial Disclosure Reporting Checklist (SORP)
    All charities with an income over £250,000 a year and all charities which are registered companies need to report using the Statement of Recommended Practice (SORP). Charities can use this checklist to make sure that their annual report and accounts meet the required legal standards
  • CFG: What report do I need to do Check List
    This check list provides quick reference for you to know what reporting you need to do and to who


Other useful links:

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