This blog is to share learning from this programme and to learn from others.  The planning and development of this programme has been going on for the past year.  CFG really hopes that those who work and volunteer in small charities and small groups will feel the freedom and the openness to ask for support and help when they need it and that you will be able to be open about the types of issues and questions that you need answers to even if the question seems SILLY.

A big part of learning are the mistakes we all make and learning from them. Recently CFG held its first pre-pilot to trial the content of one of the modules and to see how different audiences would respond to it.

Pre-Pilot July 2016 16 Small Charities in Attendance
Pre-Pilot July 2016,  16 Small Charities in Attendance


  • Key learning’s that were feed back from those who attended the pre-pilot:
  • To be more structured, clear and easy to follow
  • Less is more, reduce content 20-30%
  • To have 4 more pilots by January to trial them too
  • Resources to be clear and easy to follow, numbered pages
  • Set a place for snacks and drinks
  • Need to be able to see the projected images and follow them
  • More interactive tasks for the group
  • To have more scenarios’ case studies
  • Think about the breaks in the training

Learning can be a very empowering thing especially when we are giving others access to good information, are intention with these pre-pilots is to learn as much as we can from them and those attending them to make the programme as beneficial as we can for all and this process is already underway and is a two way street.  Thank you to all those who attended the first pre-pilot.

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