After the first pre-pilot that was held for the small charities finance training programme, I had the privledge to talk with some of those who attended it and here is the feedback I got from one of the participants:

Gladys Sheriff
WAND (Women’s Association for Networking and Development)


Qu: What is the best thing and most challenging about working for a small charity?

Finding funding is the most challenging. The most rewarding is seeing changes in individuals lives especially when you see people come to your organisation some with expectations some without and you are able to offer them practical help and support that brings about change for the good.

Qu: What services do you offer and what do you do?

WAND offers support and help to women in disadvantaged areas of London, this support can come in various ways one of which is health support, mental health support, sexual health and working through domestic violence and its repercussions.

Qu: What are the financial management challenges do you face?

Managing the finances in general can be challenging, keeping expenditure down, finding core funding, finding funding for salaries.

Qu: How did the pilot training help you?

We identified our needs and discussed these in our groups and the sharing of others experience and knowledge really helped a lot.

Qu: What financial training would be useful for you moving forwards?

More sharing of experience and knowledge from others, so we can learn and develop the work we are doing. To learn best practise, especially knowledge of Gift Aid and how to claim it.

Qu: What are you 3 top tips for other small charities when it comes to good financial management?

Keep your books up to date.  Watch your income and expenditure. Make sure you have more money coming in than is going out.

Qu: What was the last book you read or film you saw?

I went to see a play ‘Showboat’ it was hilarious and it had a strong message that refreshed my soul and was very enjoyable.

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